Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts

Your letters can be about anything.

The possibilities are endless. Some starter ideas for letters
could come from the many Roles Grandparents Typically Play:

Grandparents are very important Links to the Past. They pass on family history and cultural traditions. A sense of belonging is important to a child’s developing identity. Use this chance to give them a sense of their heritage. Tell them:

  • Where their ancestors came from, what they’ve lived through
  • Holiday rituals and recipes
  • Even medical information and ’skeletons in the closet.

Grandparents are vital to a childs’ Education. If you’re not there to help them with the basics of “reading, writing and ’rythmitic,” you could save and write about books, puzzles, music or educational games that you would’ve liked to give them. Picture them learning from you as tutor and mentor. Encourage creative and artistic expression of all kinds.

EXAMPLE: What’s Smart Grandma?

If you can’t be there to Entertain, write with your perspective on performances and events you would have taken them: movies, theatre, sporting events, storytelling programs, museums, and cultural or community events.

Also, remember you can pass on your Perspective and Values. What you believe about right vs. wrong, self-reliance, politics, history, religion and other spiritual practices is important.

Grandparents are often confidantes. Often they can be a more neutral adult listening ear than parents can and reflects the pro’s and con’s of choices at critical points in a child or teen‘s life. Imagine the questions you might be asked. Answer them with suggestions and advice that you have gained from your Life’s Experience.

We are important role models for how older people act and react to the inevitable changes of Aging in the third thirty of our lives, as the vagaries of bone fragility, hearing loss, memory and facing illness and death, dying become more commonplace.

And last but not least, grandparents Enfold. In ways no one else can, grandparents can Support young ones in their successes.

Ours is a different kind of love. We can “be present” for children in ways no one else can. As a generation removed from the 24/7 toils of parenting, with the wisdom and acceptance that comes with 4-5 decades of living, we can get closer to that ever illusive “unconditional love” that’s been preached about for millennia. Show that in every letter!

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