Writing Your Own Letters (SS)

Write Your Own LettersThere is no one-way to write. A few words or lines on a birthday card or postcard or many pages will do.

While proper word use is a good thing, we are not 'grading' these letters. Grammar and spelling don't count here.

Put words onto the page as quickly as possible without censoring yourself.

Say what you mean. You can edit before you decide to save or release it.

Envision or name the child even if you are a completely invisible grandparent. Explain that or make up a name.

Always 'hold the high watch' or vision a positive intention for the future of that child.

Remember: There is no formula for this process.

See my Writing Prompts for suggestions on writing your own Invisible Grandparent letters.

Say It But Never Send It (SNS)

Write Your Own LettersSometimes we need to 'get things off our chest.' Saying things you've only felt can be constructive. It is a powerful way to let go of negative energy about things out of your control, rather than having it remain in your body. Also, it can help you clarify where this came from, including your own part in it.

Write Your Own LettersWrite the letter you would never send to the person or institution blocking you.

Spill your thoughts out both negative and positive. Don't censor … dump it all out.

Feel the feelings, notice where they are in your body.

When the heart opens tears can flow. That's okay.

Share not the details, but your feelings with someone you trust, a friend or counselor.


Release It (Rituals)

Create your own ritual to destroy these words, with the intention of releasing yourself and others to their greatest good. writing SNS letters can be transformative and promote forgiveness.

Crumple your letter up.

Crumple Letters
Burn Your Letters

Burn it.

'Shake it out' … i.e. release it physically. Make sounds as you let go.

Take a long walk or run.

Dance to music, like Janis Joplin's Take a Little Piece of My Heart.

Ritual Dancing

Imagine the words disappearing, see them floating down a stream on a leaf, never to return.

Work toward forgiveness … if it's not there now, accept 'what is, what was' and mentally release that person or institution to their greatest good.