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Holidays are Hard on Invisible Grandparents

I’m very lucky this year to be celebrating what I call Gratitude Day, with turkey and all the trimmings modeled after the New Jersey ‘Loud Family’ I grew up in. Eight of us at my sister’s in Santa Barbara … first time all the descendents of my mother are in one place. May those of […] more
Creaking bones? Aging Positively? Moi?

Creaking bones? Aging Positively? Moi?

3:40 p.m. I am lying naked covered in a paper gown on a table in my doctor’s office, glad I had an I-phone to do e-mail while Agnieska Lech, M.D. took 20+ minutes to get to me. At 68, courtesy Medicare and United Health Care supplemental (hall-ey-loo-ya!), it was time for my annual ‘women’s health […] more