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Jane Fonda Still Pushing Forward

Jane Fonda Still Pushing Forward

September 25, 2018 One of my s/heroes has just released her history (her/story) as an HBO film: JANE FONDA IN FIVE ACTS. No accident this coincides with my continued writing of my own memoir In Search of a Significant Equal. There are so many similarities to my own life that parallel Jane’s 1985 autobiography My […] more

It’s Grandparents Day …

Here is how Hillside Church in Atlanta celebrated it in a daily meditation. Whether you can be with your descendants or not, send them vibrations of love and empowerment. Friday, September 7, 2018 I AM GRATEFUL FOR GRANDPARENTS Grandparents shower love that is almost beyond words. Simply put, they reveal the face of God in […] more

Shameless Self-Promotion

Header: New Book & Free Gifts Dear Reader : My latest book is now available! I am sharing a limited offer with you for doing me the favor of writing a registered review. My memoir, In Search of Stillness: My Final Frontier published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House, Inc., details with candor […] more
May John McCain's Funeral Unite US All

May John McCain’s Funeral Unite US All

I like funerals better than weddings because the odds of success (i.e. being in a better place permanently) are greater, and participants generally speak only well of the deceased. Today’s ceremony in Washington D.C.’s National Cathedral was spectacular! They say perfection is an illusion, but this meticulously planned event was the best one I’ve attended […] more