May John McCain’s Funeral Unite US All

Unite USI like funerals better than weddings because the odds of success (i.e. being in a better place permanently) are greater, and participants generally speak only well of the deceased. Today’s ceremony in Washington D.C.’s National Cathedral was spectacular! They say perfection is an illusion, but this meticulously planned event was the best one I’ve attended in my 73 years. It was both a history lesson and a deeply felt reminder of spirituality for me both musically and biblically.
It brought tears many times, especially as I saw his widow’s own at the magnificent heartfelt solo of “Danny Boy,” Mrs McCainhis daughter Meghain McCain’s eloquent passage on America’s greatness, and as I witnessed the diversity and youth of choir members from the Glee Club of the Naval Academy, Choirs National Cathedralnot to overlook the other gospel singers. All of this gave me hope, acronym for ‘Hold Only Positive Expectations,’ for future election cycles. May the red and blue unite and an invisible flag of lavender unite us all. From now on.

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