What Oprah & I Know For Sure

• Aging Happens

• Hair Today Gone Tomorrow for women as well as men

• Take care of Yourself first; then help or serve others including children and grandchildren

• The closest I get to being ‘out of space and time’ is not with mediations but with sex

• Health matters …without it nothing matters

• With ‘bromance’ there’s enough love to go around for heterosexual singles

• Attitude is Everything: change your perspective change your life

• Be Gentle with YourSelf (song by Karen Drucker) “there’s nothing you need to change”

• Flow is important … be as water is writhing around what’s in it ‘s path making surfaces smoother

• Top much flux (a mathematical term keeps one stuck) prohibits movement top higher goods

• “At this moment I am thinking or feeling” is a better way to communicate; when you say only I am something it keeps you there

• Floods and freezing rains and snow or tornados in early February over 70% of the country this winter are real: Think climate change and what I can do about it. Read now white haired Jane Fonda’s latest book:What Can I Do? My Path from Climate Despair to Action

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