Dear Annie : You have a new sister!

January 5, 2015

Dear Annie …

I finally had the nerve to look you up on Facebook. At first I couldn’t find any with your combination of names; I guess that at 13 you may not have started that addictive game that some people get into constantly. That made me feel good. I did however find a family photo of you with your two sisters from August in Yosemite and then one goofing in front of a Christmas tree with your sisters. No, I did not ask to befriend your mom; I’m way not there yet. At this moment I have a knot in my stomach from just doing this.

There you are, alive and looking very happy and that is enough.


Invisible Grandma Pat … wondering if we will ever meet, if you have any recollection of me at all. But I am unwilling to open that can of worms (that might just be those juicy fruit candies) just yet.

P.S. Here is a picture of your new sister. Your biological dad got married in September 2013 at Shaver Lake on the top of the mountain where he and his wonderful bride worked and met. they live in LA now and this is Sierra! 3+ months old.

Sierra Dec 2014 in chair

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