Aging, Death & Dying

'Getting OLD'

‘Getting OLD’

February 16th Twenty-ten! Dear Anne & Carter: Tonight I’m teaching a class on “Aging Positively” in other words “Getting OLD!” I wonder what “old” means to you? Food in the refrigerator that’s gotten moldy? Bigger kids who are teenagers? People over 30? Or 60? Or as I now see it: over 90!? I used to […] more
Hairs on My Chinny Chin Chin?

Hairs on My Chinny Chin Chin?

March 9, 2010 Dear Anne … Yikes! You really feel old when you look in the mirror and notice those nasty little hairs that pop up unexpectedly on your chinny chin chin’ are white! Egads. I guess I really am 65! All my adult life, perhaps since my mid-twenties, although I was naturally blonde like […] more
Military Funeral

A Military Funeral

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 Dear Anne & Carter: Yesterday Robert was buried at a military cemetery in Santa Nella California halfway between where you and I live. The day started off beautifully as we drove the hour and a half drive from Monterey over Pacheco Pass with bright sunlight on the rolling mountains, and wisps […] more
Robert Died This Morning

Robert Died This Morning

November 9th  2009 Dear Anne & Carter: Robert died Sunday morning. His daughter Gail and one of his best friends from his Navy day 40 years ago were staying in the next room. Just Saturday night they were talking with him about a big sign he’d made years ago when he’d been selling memorabilia products […] more

Saying Good-Bye

November 5, 2009  4:00 pm Dear Anne and Carter: I am about to do something that isn’t easy. I am about to visit my 75 year old friend Robert, who is home bound, (meaning he hasn’t been outside his tiny apartment for over a year). He’s had a heart attack and has several diseases, like […] more