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Parental Controls are Important for Grandparents

Parental Controls are Important for Grandparents Too! They can block series or movies like White Lotus or Voyeurs that are way too explicit about sex, gender, sexual identity and death and give misinformation that could give kids from toddlers to teenagers material that could encourage behaviors innappropriate and not in alignment with your family’s values. more

Becoming Dr. Hanson & Mother Jones on the Same Day 40 years ago

It wasn’t until weeks after the baby was born and we’d settled into the reality of a live baby, of having a child, a future teenager, a de-pendent for the rest of our lives  that we noticed the grimace on my husband’s face in the pictures he’d taken afteer he arrived at the hospital 25 […] more

I like Funerals Better than Weddings … But there’s been far too many Recently

I first blogged this in 2018 after then Senator John McCain died. “I like funerals better than weddings because the odds of success (i.e. being in a better place permanently)  are greater, and participants generally speak only well of the deceased. Today’s ceremony in Washington D.C.’s National Cathedral was spectacular! They say perfection is an […] more

Let’s rethink the Pope’s stance on LGBT

At first he seemed accepting but recently he confirmed he would not officiate at gay marriages as those folks were “living in sin.” If sin means missing the mark he sure missed it and left many deserving people of all races and genders no way to be validated publicly and legally. more
Hacked on My Birthday ... Beware

Hacked on My Birthday … Beware

Hacked on my BIRTHDAY … I’ll Cry If I want To 1945 was a good year and the first of March my ‘mother Mary’ gave birth to me. I wanted to sing a different song today, maybe that song in the movie Alice in Wonderland ‘A Happy UN birthday to you, to you’ because it’s […] more

What Oprah & I Know For Sure

• Aging Happens • Hair Today Gone Tomorrow for women as well as men • Take care of Yourself first; then help or serve others including children and grandchildren • The closest I get to being ‘out of space and time’ is not with mediations but with sex • Health matters …without it nothing matters […] more

Talking with Kids of Any Age about Sex and Death

See the Current issue of Grand Magazine for my latest column on talking with Kids about Sex, it’s featured on the cover which holds the Table of Contents … but more important currently with all the mortality from Covid read my earlier article I wrote which focuses on death. TIPS FOR TALKING ABOUT GRIEF & […] more
We Will Get Through This

We Will Get Through This

Less than 20 days more till ofthe travesty our “acting president” is out of office hopefully impeached and/or prevented from ever running for office again. I am not sorry to ‘get political’ because I believe in democracy and a two party system; but we need more people regardless of party persuasion up until now to […] more