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You were married three times Grandma?

You were married three times Grandma?

January 26th, 2010 Dear Anne and Carter: I can hear you asking me “You were married three times Grandma, why?” “Great question,” I’d reply, “How much time do you have and what would you like to know?” Well, since this is to the seven year old you, and shorter is better, I’ll give you the […] more

Sleeping Beauty

January 4th  2010 Dear Anne and Carter: Today I went to a theatrical performance of Sleeping Beauty all by myself. I wanted to be with children and watch how they’d react to seeing real people act out that famous fairy tale. I wanted to feel like a child again myself. I think that is why […] more

Where The Wild Things Are

January 20, 2010 Dear Anne & Carter, I just saw a movie that I thought it would be fun to take you to, if you were around. WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE was a picture book that your father and Uncle Ted and probably every kid on the block had and loved. It was written […] more
Great Grandma Wilkin's Memories

Great Grandma Wilkin’s Memories

January 13th 2010 Dear Anne and Carter: I’ve told you about how I’ve always wanted to be a writer, right? Actually my mother, your great grandmother who is still alive at 89 and living in a retirement home in New Jersey, did too. When my sisters and I were in grade school, she was an […] more