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Don't Forget Virtual Christmas Giving

Don’t Forget Virtual Christmas Giving

December 13, 2010 Saturday as was looking for the Christmas lights we adorn the garage door with, I came across a big white bag that had a surprise inside it that made me cry. I don’t remember when I bought this beautiful doll at a yard sale, thinking I’d save it for Anne, thinking it […] more
Rapunsel ... you go girl! See TANGLED!

Rapunsel … you go girl! See TANGLED!

Treat yourself to TANGLED this holiday season. In the theatre, in 3D if you can! It’s 98 minutes of pure scintillating visual fun! Strongest gutsy-est female protagonist I’ve seen in a Disney movie yet! GO!  I loved the drama, the music and the most expressive animated animals and ruffians I’ve ever seen. Mr. Right, though […] more
Holidays are Hard for Invisible Grandparents

Holidays are Hard for Invisible Grandparents

December 4, 2010 Dear Anne & Carter, no, actually this is for Suzie: Anne’s mother: Holiday seasons are hard on invisible grandparents! Do you realize that? Is there room for me, the biological grandmother of your firstborn, in that mind and memory of yours? Oh how I wish that were the case. I am taking […] more