Don’t Forget Virtual Christmas Giving

December 13, 2010

Saturday as was looking for the Christmas lights we adorn the garage door with, I came across a big white bag that had a surprise inside it that made me cry. I don’t remember when I bought this beautiful doll at a yard sale, thinking I’d save it for Anne, thinking it looked like her, but it has to be more than four years ago.

Gulp, choke back the tears and the anger Pat. Turn them into only disappointment if you can’t make them go away … let it go. But heck I think, Christmas’s are hard for everyone. My sister just called choking back tears. She broke up with her boyfriend of 15 years almost two years ago. Alone for the holidays, is almost as nostalgic as home for the holidays. Especially to those who’ve lost some one … to illness, death or war. And unfortunately in our Consumptive Culture, Christmas is hard for those with limited incomes. The last two years with Larry unemployed, we had Virtual Christmases …. we literally gave no gifts to each other, not even the wrapped replica gifts I wrote about in 1996, we just gratefully spent the money our parents still had the wherewithal to send us, on a nice quiet dinner to ourselves, and probably things we needed, like shoes.

So to all of you out there in these ‘tremblin’ times,’ may peace of mind and good will fill your hearts. To the others who can afford fancy gifts, thank you for your thoughtfulness to those individuals and organizations that really need your charity.

Blessings of the season to us all.

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