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Better Living thru Chemistry? Part Three

September 30, 2010 Long story short, when I picked up THE MEDICATION at Cost-Co and read the insert about possible side effects: dizziness (it was even on that tiny flap they put on the container), fatigue, nausea, constipation, (it was already hard enough for me to ‘eliminate’ most mornings!), depression, suicidal thoughts, mental or mood […] more

Better Living Through Chemistry? Moi? Part Two

September 14th, 2010 When I arrived at Community Hospital’s Behavioral something-or-other center, and the MD/Psychiatrist came out of his office in a walker to get me, I knew he was old school! (Actually that’s a lie, his walk was quite spry for someone pushing 80). During  the intake history about family dysfunction and my overachieving […] more
My Kinda Camping!

My Kinda Camping!

I just drove 567 miles from California’s central coast down thru it’s ugly dry belly (Bakersfield) and ended up at Arizona’s edge in Needles as sun was setting casting shadows on the desert mountains and a full moon was rising! Whoopee … a road trip! And am I glad I convinced my traveling companion on […] more
Better Comedy Day

Better Comedy Day

I drove two hours up to San Francisco for this festival billed as “the comedy version of Woodstock! ” Found a parking spot near Sharon Meadow in Golden Gate park as the fog turned to rain then lifted and a crowds of a few hundred, not quite thousands tripping out, sat in the mud and […] more

Paper or Cloth? Do we have a choice?

For my mother’s 89th birthday I wrapped up four cloth napkins for my mother, whose green and pink begonias will match her placemats perfectly.  I got them at a thrift store  hopefully to replace the very thin paper Marcal napkins that I have come to hate. I’ve been on a rant lately nagging her and […] more
Life Flutters By … 90 Memories of Mary

Life Flutters By … 90 Memories of Mary

I just put a 36 page birthday card in the mail to my mother who turns 90! on Thursday. My sisters and I sent letters to all her children, grandchildren, and remaining friends. With a little dictation over the phone, scans of pictures of her early years, and a lot of collage & artwork, we […] more

Don’t Focus on the Missing

This morning’s meditation in the Science of Mind Magazine my husband and I start the day with was spot on: “When we focus on what we are missing, we are focusing on lack, loneliness, longing and loss of some kind. The energy of that focus is really poisonous, diminishes our relationships, makes us sad, and […] more
Sick of other Grandparents Bragging? Forgive your Self!

Sick of other Grandparents Bragging? Forgive your Self!

September 9, 2010  –  Sick of Other Grandparents Bragging? Forgive Yourself! This time of year around Labor day, as school season begins, when I run into my friends with ‘real’ grandchildren, it seems all they do is brag about how well their grownup children are doing and how smart the grandkids are. They complain about […] more

Better Living thru Chemistry? Moi?

September 8, 2010 Better Living Through Chemistry? Moi? In July and August I was de-pressed. Really really down. In June quite by accident resulting from bug that flew in my eye, I found out I had a serious case of ‘ago=e-related wet macular degeneration.’  I had a case of irreverseable blindness in my left eye, […] more

What if everyone blogged as if their grandkids were reading?

What everyone who blogged did it with the mindset that it would be read by their grandchildren? Would what they say reflect anything different, if they knew it was a legacy they were leaving behind? Would their message have any greater sense of urgency? Would what they report about be any different? Would there be […] more

Fear of Blogging

I was so freaked out last week that I sought a new therapist. I told her I wanted a sanity check. After 45 minutes of giving her a laundry list of past issues still needing work after all these years , I found myself mentioning the big one. Funny that often happens in therapy sessions […] more