What if everyone blogged as if their grandkids were reading?

What everyone who blogged did it with the mindset that it would be read by their grandchildren?
Would what they say reflect anything different, if they knew it was a legacy they were leaving behind?
Would their message have any greater sense of urgency?
Would what they report about be any different?
Would there be any less (or perhaps more) about love, heartbreaks, ways you wish you’d have been, what you’ve learned…?
Would advice take the form of suggestions that can be easily swallowed and digested?
I’d hope especially that there would be lots of ideas for just plain old fun!

Write on. Fill  your blog with moments of being fully present, connecting with who and whatever is front of you …. But remember the Native American concept that what we do or say affects the seven generations that will follow.
Hmmm … if we all watched our words that way, I bet there’d be less fluff out there.

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  1. Lavada ceratto

    Hi Im a Invisible grandparents too 54 my grandson is 4 he doesn’t know us we don’t. Know him would like to join you blogger don’t know how this is new to me please help I believe it would help to be connected to others that are go ng through the same thing as we are thank you lavada

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