My Kinda Camping!

I just drove 567 miles from California’s central coast down thru it’s ugly dry belly (Bakersfield) and ended up at Arizona’s edge in Needles as sun was setting casting shadows on the desert mountains and a full moon was rising! Whoopee … a road trip! And am I glad I convinced my traveling companion on the way to this Crones Counsel conference ( who is 69 (me 65) not to c-a-m-p. She’d originally wanted to sleep in her Prius while I pitched a tent at KOA in Barstow. But since we have a ‘free night’ in Sedona tomorrow … we found a Best Western with a pool, hot tub, in room coffee, and a free full breakfast at the restaurant next door.
We ate a great burger under the stars at 93 (!) degrees in a pool surrouded by Tiki lights.

My kinda camping. Amen.

Life is good. Old people needn’t camp. Not me at least.
Best Western Motel in Needles, California

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  1. Gary Taylor


    Waaay behind. Just caught your post on my I’d installed a really lame discussion and, since I am racing a deadline (book proposal to lit agent for GF) don’t have time to fix it or even to jot this note. BUT, am way embarrassed that I didn’t catch it earlier. Don’t even have the date listed or the last segment of your comments.

    So, this is a late note to say thanks. Went to your site out of obligation, caught the huge pain of your dilemma. Seen it plenty before in, which is why I no longer subscribe.

    I am now posting on my blog. It’s less a feeder to the book than an outlet for the (grand!) fathering I’m up to. My hope is that it will cast some encouragement your way and not dispair. As someone who both write and laments at this stage, I’d enjoy your subscribing and now and then adding your perspective. I’m writing the intro for the book today and it prompts me to include the abandoned grandparent syndrome as a challenge the book doesn’t solve but might give hope and help to.


  2. miki raver

    Don’t knock it until you try it. Camping is awesome. and so are you. Have a fantastic trip!

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