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Virtual Christmas Giving

Virtual Christmas Giving

Christmastime is hard on Invisible Grandparents, especially those of us who are experiencing hard times due to the economy. Please accept my story of Virtual Christmas Giving (Forthcoming in a Harlequin Press anthology 2012) of how our family transcended the commercialism of the holiday season as my gift to you. May your season be wonder-filled! […] more

What is this ITCHING about?

Saturday, March 19, 2011 At 66, ever grateful to have a doctor and visits that are paid for by Medicare, I’ve had a medical mystery for six months that neither my lovely, also sixty-something family practice doctor, nor my dermatologist can label anything but eczema (which means itch!), nor make go a-way. My skin itches. […] more

A Dream: Who’s Baby?

Friday, February 18, 2011 I had long drawn out dream just before dawn this morning. I’d been walking the halls of a huge old mansion, opening doors and looking under tables and beds, on shelves for my ‘stuff’’ that I’d left somewhere. It took hours. I saw other people’s sleeping bags, suitcases, piles of books, […] more
Happy Birthday! 11 is Huge!

Happy Birthday! 11 is Huge!

February 18, 2011 Dear Carter …  Happy Happy Birthday Ba-a-aby! How great to talk to you on your birthday!  As you can see from the collage birthday card I mailed … the theme is “Eleven is Huge!” What I meant is that your teenage years are just around the corner, and your years as a […] more


I’ve been told by two ex-husbands and several friends that I have a ‘broken listener.’ What they were referring to was my uncanny but annoying ability to talk over them and finish their sentences while they were speaking.  This was a bad habit I developed growing up in a Saturday Night Live New Jersey ‘Loud […] more
Do I Need an Optarectomy?

Do I Need an Optarectomy?

What’s that? An operation that blocks someone from seeing the world through their own asshole. I need one right now.  Another word for that view might be depression. Depression, the kind-of want to stay in bed all day, covers piled high, and not DO anything.  The kind that makes your skin crawl and eyes tear […] more

Existential Crisis Abated? Four’s a Charm?

Could four be the Charm! After whining to my writing group about my existential writing crisis, I got home yesterday to this response to my 4th query to Untreed Reads Publishing. They get 50% of sales and help with cover, layout, proofreading and promotion. Could I be looking at a contract soon? Jury’s still out. […] more

Existential Crisis #564

January 20, 2011 Existential Crisis # 564 in a lifetime of messages from the universe. Three rejections from the stellar book proposal for Invisible Grandparent that I worked so hard to ‘push out’ this spring. Three top selling East Coast based agents saying virtually the same thing. Back in July, “you’ve got an extremely interesting […] more

Destroy those demons of doubt! Focus on Love

Tuesday January 11th 2011 When I pulled myself out of our warm bed, shaking away dreams of Rensselaerville where some visionary/historic project was going on that I was not part of, I found Larry and gave him one of those fuzzy non-verbal bathrobe to bathrobe wordless first-thing-in-the-morning hugs. I honored him for getting up to […] more

Stillness, My Final Fronteir ..still

Thursday January 5th 2011 After three days of writing an article on deadline for Crone, a new magazine on women of ‘age,’ brushing off exhaustion, I decided to start the New Year by keeping my resolution to NOT check e-mail til I’d written at least one blog or letter for Invisible Grandparent. That was 2 […] more

Facebook isn’t always fun!

I spent about and hour wandering around Facebook, answering a message from someone I can’t even remember what about already, looking at some author profiles, specifically not checking my own or planning exactly what pictures and thoughts I’d like to put up there. Then I found myself checking the page for the mother of the […] more