Destroy those demons of doubt! Focus on Love

Tuesday January 11th 2011

When I pulled myself out of our warm bed, shaking away dreams of Rensselaerville where some visionary/historic project was going on that I was not part of, I found Larry and gave him one of those fuzzy non-verbal bathrobe to bathrobe wordless first-thing-in-the-morning hugs. I honored him for getting up to the tingle of his i-phone at 6:05 a.m. This going back to work 8-5 at our age ain’t easy. In bed over oatmeal and coffee, I told him of my recent malaise, feeling weird, weak, not confident. His response? Besides the eye to eye forehead to forehead look of love, he said to change the focus; find something to feel good about.

Then we picked up the paper and noticed today is 1-11-11. Our love number. The concept of two whole individuals choosing to engage their energies for life, contributing to their powers together and apart, equals power to the eleventh degree: elevenfold. We first shared it in our wedding. Hand to my heart, I realized that’s the novel I should be writing, and doing wry stand-up about. Love! Ours in creative not-fiction form.

Onward Pat! Get your head out of the bucket of those all too familiar doubt and dismay demons. Write from your heart Larry said, don’t worry whether it’s too late or too … too … (you fill in the blanks) to make money. DO IT! And I just did and I feel better.

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