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Existential Crisis Abated? Four’s a Charm?

Could four be the Charm! After whining to my writing group about my existential writing crisis, I got home yesterday to this response to my 4th query to Untreed Reads Publishing. They get 50% of sales and help with cover, layout, proofreading and promotion. Could I be looking at a contract soon? Jury’s still out. […] more

Existential Crisis #564

January 20, 2011 Existential Crisis # 564 in a lifetime of messages from the universe. Three rejections from the stellar book proposal for Invisible Grandparent that I worked so hard to ‘push out’ this spring. Three top selling East Coast based agents saying virtually the same thing. Back in July, “you’ve got an extremely interesting […] more

Destroy those demons of doubt! Focus on Love

Tuesday January 11th 2011 When I pulled myself out of our warm bed, shaking away dreams of Rensselaerville where some visionary/historic project was going on that I was not part of, I found Larry and gave him one of those fuzzy non-verbal bathrobe to bathrobe wordless first-thing-in-the-morning hugs. I honored him for getting up to […] more

Stillness, My Final Fronteir ..still

Thursday January 5th 2011 After three days of writing an article on deadline for Crone, a new magazine on women of ‘age,’ brushing off exhaustion, I decided to start the New Year by keeping my resolution to NOT check e-mail til I’d written at least one blog or letter for Invisible Grandparent. That was 2 […] more

Facebook isn’t always fun!

I spent about and hour wandering around Facebook, answering a message from someone I can’t even remember what about already, looking at some author profiles, specifically not checking my own or planning exactly what pictures and thoughts I’d like to put up there. Then I found myself checking the page for the mother of the […] more