Newspaper Headline: Eight Year Old Escapes Abduction!

O-mi-god! “That could’ve been Anne” my mind raced as I read the newspaper this morning about a kidnapping incident in the town she lives in. But, I told myself, my beautiful blonde haired blue eyed grandchild would never have let herself be seduced away from a game she was playing with her friends. She would’ve been told by her very smart mother, or at least some program in school, about not trusting strange men in big cars. Right? Of course. Or at least if it was her, and the odds are it wasn’t; she would’ve been, as that child was, smart enough to talk her way out of it. Or patient enough to keep quiet before that good Samaritan turned in the license plate number when he saw Amber alert that called the police.

Whew … even at a distance this grandparenting is full of things that pull the heart strings. I must do more prayer from wherever I am and envision her safe and sound. Not exposed early to the evil that exists out there in the world. Thank you god, for that child’s safety and that of all others.

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