Blushing Barefoot Burlesque

What a weekend! First the Beach Boys on Friday night, and then Saturday I won tickets on our favorite radio station K-P-I-G, for a show at The Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz called Smitten. It was billed as Blushing Barefoot Burlesque by twenty lovely ladies from Garberville CA. Couldn’t be bad we told ourselves. The Rio is a stopover for many live performers on bigger tours.

In comparison to Big Sur, this crowd was way younger than Larry and I, but the line in the art deco bathroom revealed a few mothers and even grandmothers of these talented performers. Twenty highly erotic tasteful numbers were belted out to a band called the G-string Pluckers, emceed by a beauty in a top hat, tux, and rhinestone cane called Miss Loleta Honey Drip. Larry led the audience in whistles and cat calls. With titles like ‘The Adventures of Sassy Squatch: Wax that Sass’ and CandyMan, and  Little Red (a spoof on Riding Hood), Cherry’s Revenge, and I Don’t Wanna be Right, these young ladies performed like they’d studied with Gypsy Rose Lee! Now we oldsters don’t usually stay up late two nights in a row. Going to bed t 8:30 Sunday was worth it!

Blushing Barefoot Burlesque

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    my english is not good so i write in polish yo podoba mi sie twoj blog szkoda ze brakuje mi czasu i ciagle musze w pracy siedziec

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