Better Living … Part 4 – Agreed but Still Skeptical

October 20, 2010

I’d been on “The Medication” only three weeks at the time of my ‘follow-up’ with the doc-tor. The MD Psychiatrist I let ‘evaluate me.’ The old guy.

I told him about my initial reluctance, and he assured me the side effects listed on pharmacy printouts were printed for liability reasons, affected only a few, and that what people write on the internet couldn’t be trusted.

I switched focus and picked his brain about my blood pressure (bp) medications which didn’t seem to be working. I even told him how I record my bp several times a day, and how it was highest in the morning after a nights sleep (!) and significantly lowest, at night, after a little cannibis.

He just repeated what he’d said when I asked about medical marijuana during the first visit: “it’s not good for the mind.” When I probed about the research he’d done to say that, he admitted it was ten years ago but that “marijuana was bad for you.” Given the memory of most 80 year olds, my radar was up but I didn’t say anything. Then he asked about alcohol intake, and told me one glass of wine with dinner was fine, but two ‘nullified’ the effects of the medicine.

Come on now! That’s one to look up on the internet ‘nullify?’ (*!#)… we’ll see. Then the story gets better (I swear  these psychiatrists are just drug pushers for the pharmaceutical industry). He asked if I still was having any speedy thoughts or was spinning several plates at a time. When I said yes, but that I loved it, he told me to increase the dose of the trilepetrol, and two at night as I had been, but to go up to two in the morning.

Twenty minutes session over. I got him to give me the release form so I could get a copy of his initial report one me. I can’t wait to read it. I didn’t do as told. ONE in the morning has been my habit til I see Ms MFCC again.

Of course money is good for my mental health. Larry was top recommendation for both jobs he interviewed for and landed one! Hip hip hooray! Knowing a regular paycheck at 2 ½ times the unemployment checks were, ought to do wonders for my ‘mood dis-order.’

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