My book is on Amazon today!

Oh my god! To paraphrase a few clichés “there are no accidents, no coincidences.” I just got notice that the book I’ve been working on for five years (!), just went up on today.
October 24th. It’s Annie’s birthday. Annie, the source of my grief, my hopes, my prayers and the recipient of the legacy of letters in Invisible Grandparenting. I haven’t seen her in eight years. I have no idea what she looks like. Pre-pubescent, still a little girl or an early blooming young woman? I trust she is doing well in school, has a cadre of peers who treat her well, but adolescents can be so mean at that age. All I can do, as the book details, is continue to “hold the high watch” for her, and let go of any negative feelings that might still be in the way of putting out the vibration of love for her, and for all grandkids whether they get to play and learn from their elders or not.

Here is a link to a video on You-Tube of a dramatic monologue I performed in Santa Cruz this spring. It’ll give you an idea of what you’ll read when you order the book. In spite of the separation, it has a happy ending. Enjoy, and please pass this on to your friends. It’s a “good read.” Please review it for me on Amazon if you can.


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