A Skype Baby Shower for a Visible Grandbaby still in the Oven

A SKYPE Baby Shower for my secondborn and his wife who opened presents … with live guests and gifts from as far as Michigan, Utah, New York and beautiful downtown Aromas,CA where I live. I am so grateful to that we are now able to do this in the twenty-teens. My gifts which I sent a few months ago were my standard Baby Books: Penelope Leach’s YOUR BABY AND CHILD from ONE to FIVE; Anne Lamott’s OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS; and BE PREPARED: A PRACTICAL HANDBOOK FOR NEW DADS … boy scout style.

I’ll add more pics later but forgot to ‘shoot’ my classic gift for the mom: lovely lingerie and a card reading: “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, The heck with the baby, This is for you!”MasoncarlyShower 5-17_15

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