Women on Dollar Bills … Finally

April 21, 2016

Dear Annie,

You’ve probably handled many dollar bills with George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson and other “founding fathers” of the great country we live on them. Well, finally women are going to be featured on the money we and everyone else who lives in or visits the U.S. handles.

Check out this link to history: www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/women-10-bill_us_5718f5fbe4b024dae4f14601?ir=Women&section=us_women&utm_hp_ref=women

I call it “herstory” because it was not till only recently that women’s important role in politics has been acknowledged or even honored. Oh how I hope that the teachers in your school are mentioning this, and do not leave out the different perspective we might give to issues like war, and funding for education and health care.

Only four more years till you can vote. Hopefully your choices will be a lot wider than the ones I grew up with.

Yours VERY sincerely,

Grandma Pat the Feminist

P.S. I am taking a class on Women in Politics and just saw a great PBS ‘Makers’ video. Vol 2 of 6 – Women in Politics. How I wish we could watch something like that together.


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