First Woman President: About Time!

July 28, 2016

First Woman President: About TIME!

Dear Annie:

It’s sad that at 14 I have no idea how political your family is, or how your teachers are addressing this important election year, if at all. Did you watch any of the Democrat National Convention (DNC) on TV? I couldn’t bear to watch the Republican nominee’s fiasco last week; but I loved watching Hillary and her introduction by her beautiful daughter Chelsea. I remember her from when she was a child in the White House and had buck teeth and braids. Both invoked what I call ‘grandmother power’ to bring home the message that the time is ripe at last for a woman President of the United States. Hillary @ DNC

“I’m here as a proud American, a proud Democrat, a proud mother and tonight, in particular, a very, very proud daughter,” Chelsea said. She ended her speech with “I hope that my children will someday be as proud of me as I am of my mom. I am so grateful to be her daughter. I’m so grateful that she is Charlotte’s and Aiden’s grandmother. She makes me proud every single day.”

Hillary’s speech was packed full of actual plans for everything from affordable health care, to climate change, opposing unfair trade deals, expanding social security, access to education, preventing gun violence and equal pay in an economy that works for everyone not just those at the top.

Hillary invoked her mother and her Methodist upbringing with the slogan “Do all the good you can, for all the people you can, as long as ever you can.” Though her mother died a year ago, our future president Hillary still hears her voice urging her to keep working, keep fighting for right, no matter what.

Her final words were “Let’s build a better tomorrow for our beloved children.” May that happen with Hillary at the helm. I urge you to do everything you can to get people to VOTE so that in four years when you’re 18, you can re-elect this woman leader.

Love and hope, your invisible grandmother, PAT

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  1. Barbara Caldara

    Hi Pat!
    It’s Barbara Caldara from New York. You were a prof and friend when you taught at Russel Sage, in Troy NY. I found an old Xmas card from you while down-sizing and thought I would try to “find” you on the internet. I listened on one of your readings, what fun!!
    Sounds like you are in a good place these days! Good for you!
    Stay well,

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