What Got to Me Most at the Golden Globes?

I’ve decided to blog more about my values and opinions … visible and I’ve invisible grandparent that I am.

At times the facelifts, the boobs, and the see-through metal-lace gowns distracted me from the tenor of the beautiful poignant memory pieces for Debbi Reynolds & Carrie Fisher, and Meryl Streep’s astute political acceptance of her Lifetime Achievement Award. Nicole Kidman’s head and neck looked like a Kewpie doll not attached too well to her neck. Sylvester Stallone looked like he drank botox with dinner, and Viola Davis looked fantastic. Forgive me is plastic surgery not needed for African American skin. Annette Benning was stunning both in her Intro and clips from 20th Century Woman which I have to see!

I watch the Globes for a preview of films I must get to before the Oscars … and geez there were so many, La La Land surprisingly taking the lead. At least the outcome was based on popular vote, eh?


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