LA LA LAND … A Valentine to Los Angeles and Love

I know why LA LA LAND walked away, no, ran away with so many of The Golden Globes Awards.
It was a musical with all of the elements of classic Ginger Rogers/Bing Crosby dancing, set in current time Los Angel-ese, with fantastic acting, costumes, cinematography and story line. It was a love story in which for a few sweet moments before The End was scripted across the screen, you didn’t know whether it was a comedy/drama or tragedy. It appeals to anyone 17 to 71.

It was about going after your dream and transcending the self-imposed eternal ‘I’m afraid I’m not good enough’ dialogue. And those voices spewed out from the projections of lovers who can see more clearly the other’s talents and the sabotage that could destroy those dreams from ever coming to fruition. Both 30 something Mia and Ryan Gosling loved each other so much they could only support that partner in their success, yet in bitter accusatory terms at the year point in lives, separation or commitment became an issue among other details. This movie made you love jazz, musicals and even Los Angeles, if you are not an LA aficionado.

And what does this have to do with Invisible Grandparenting? My son and daughter in law moved from LA last March where she had been an assistant to Geena Davis and lived in Glendale not far from the many scenes in this movie valentine to LA. I loved that my son now has an important job managing 120 condos not miles from the ski resort they had their beautiful wedding in. Bravo good dad and mom making a decision to get out of the traffic-filled rat race that LA can be.

But I don’t love that the only stimulation within 30 minutes of their gorgeous house is a local bar. My visible grandchild, two -year old Sierra knows the wood stove is ‘hot’ and loves to dance and shakes her booty to the music playing to the delight of patrons. But will her earliest memories be only ‘bar.’ At 8,500 feet there is no pre-school for socializing? How can my beautiful DIL raised in Glendale herself, be abler to parent without assistance in such a remote area? God bless their love for each other … that’ll keep their mid 30’s period full of it. LA LA Land had part of me thinking that being raised in LA wouldn’t be such a bad idea. But I bit my tongue, it’s their lives and choices; not mine.

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