Write Yourself a Valentine

ValentineWrite yourself a Valentine! Yesterday in my Alienated Grandparents Anonymous (aga-fl.org) support group after updating each other on our “stories” we imagined and wrote a love letter to ourselves from the persons (adult children, grandkids) we felt the most estranged from, as if in the best of all possible worlds good had happened. It was very powerful, try it and keep thinking in terms of possibilities!

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  1. neil taft

    Hello Dr. Hanson,

    I tried getting this message to you through your Contact me page but it wouldn’t go through. I hope you don’t mind my using the blog to communicate.

    Hello Dr Hanson,

    I ran across you in Grand Magazine while doing research for my next book on Grandparents. I absolutely love your concept of letter writing as a therapeutic exercise, especially in an area where there are few tools in the box for alienated Grandparents. I even directed a hurting lady on my Caring Grandparents facebook page to your book on Amazon.

    My son and I have a 7 year old site called Caringgrandparents.com which still has a healthy amount of traffic. I am in the process of rejuvenating the site and beginning the process of writing another book that goes beyond just Grandparents Rights.

    I would like to look at what makes sense for us to do together going forward. One possibility would be us promoting what you are doing on an affiliate basis as a starter.

    Please let me know your thoughts.

    Thanks, Grandpa NEIL

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