Our Souls at Night … Go!

I highly recommend a just out Netfllx movie starring Robert
Redford and Jane Fonda acting but not looking their age, 81 and 79 respectively. They exquisitely depict neighbors who make a quite radical agreement to transcend loneliness in a geographically gorgeous Colorado town. Robert Ebert gave it thumbs up applauding the humor which ‘avoids the creakiest of old age clichés. “Would you be interested in coming to my house to sleep with me?” Jane Fonda says, an inviting proposal to be sure—although, in this case, sleep is not a euphemism for, um, you know what. She later adds, “It’s about getting through the night.” She is lonely. He is lonely. Why not?
Not to spoil the story as their intimacy develops secrets emerge. Both are given the opportunity to grandparent a seven-year-old-grandson in ways they were unable to do with their adult but somewhat estranged children. Go!


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  1. Anne

    Loved this movie. Such mature humor!

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