What Would Martin Luther King Say?

MLK Photo

In Toastmasters yesterday I was called on in Table Topics to answer in 1-2 minutes of extemporaneous speaking what MLK would think of the current political situation. Well I went into a tirade about our mentally unstable president whose impulsive tweets were racist (calling two countries ‘s***holes’ and saying we should immigrate more from countries like Norway), the hypocrisy that he has 16 reported accounts of sexual harassment against him and nothing’s been done, while dozens of other media and political figures have resigned, and how disappointed I was that the Republican party or any movement hasn’t taken him down. What I neglected to say was how thought-full MLK was, and how committed to non-violence he was. I did not ‘win’ the best table topics speaker, but many complimented me on being political in front of many officers and civilians at my club which meets in the Naval Post Graduate School. Do think carefully how you answer your grandchildren’s questions about the news they see and hear from reputable sources and some less so. Teach them the critical thinking they need to sort out lies from truth. It was PEACE that MLK is heralded for. Yes, he’d honor all non-violent paths to it.


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