W IS FOR WELCOME: A Celebration of America’s Diversity

This an important book from a friend and prolific local author … support it and him, we need this message now.

Thank you again for your support for our “Dump Trump” book on Kickstarter during the 2016 election. It’s been a LONG two years, but I wanted you know that I continue to try to use my writing platform to make a difference. I’ve written more than three-dozen books for people of all ages, and I’m proud of each of them — but especially when they make a much-needed statement. This time around, the message is less on-the-nose, but… unfortunately, equally necessary…

So I’m excited to announce my latest rhyming alphabet picture book from Sleeping Bear Press:

W IS FOR WELCOME: A Celebration of America’s Diversity.

I’ve been describing it as an alphabet book in rhyme… right on time. A book celebrating the courage and achievements of immigrants shouldn’t have to be some sort of statement in 2018. Alas…

The 26 poems (for young readers) and sidebars (for older students) explore our immigrant nation — the history (E is for Ellis Island), challenges (R is for refugees) contributions (S is for service), people (Hamilton, Muir, Einstein, Albright), process (N is for naturalization), and promise (F is for freedom). And the illustrations come from more than a dozen different artists, each with his or her own immigrant ancestry.
My hope is that this book enlightens young readers while engrossing them. I humbly believe it should be in every school, library and home. Please consider making it part of yours. Or perhaps you can send it to someone who SHOULD read it. It’s available wherever books are sold. For a signed copy ($20 including shipping), feel free to contact me directly.

Also, if you know of a school that brings in guest authors, by all means let them know about me (see my programs under “school visits” at bradherzog.com). In fact, here’s a short book trailer that I produced with the help of a 4th grade class in my hometown. The point is this: We all come from somewhere else.

“We read to know we are not alone.” — C.S. Lewis

-Brad Herzog

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