Forget Marriage Story it’s a How-to Divorce Epic

We’ve been watching movies up for The Golden Globes. Somehow Marriage Story got on my list, likely for the acting, hopefully not the screenplay, because this was a ‘how to’ split up angrily for the very privileged and also their way too rich attorneys. I want to promote intimacy and love and learning from your mistakes in my book In Search of a Significant Equal. This couple who clearly loved one another once, got swept up in interrupting each other’s career as a high level Broadway director and actress, and their five-year old son gets caught in the middle.
I remember screaming at Vicki the cookie maker when I was going through divorce number two
from the father of my then two and four-year-old boys; but we worked it out and now decades later they are two healthy young men in decent marriages with children of their own.
Yes, good screenplays have conflict in every scene and these folks and their attorneys fulfill their roles well, but the anger, while not violent, is over the top. One hopes for a turn-around witnessing the extremes they go to regarding custody and their clear love for their son, but there is no happy ending. Save your waking moments for a Disney cartoon or Ford vs Ferrari even the melancholy but well acted Judy. This leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

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