ONE PLANET We know that now for Sure!

one planet

Yesterday I watched six hours of live performances from rock stars at the top of their A-game, many of them the age of my grandchildren (I’m 75). They sang their hearts out honoring the health care workers, package handlers and postal workers in ONE WORLD: TOGETHER AT HOME ( Today I want to fund a thesaurus and come up with words for huge, gigantic and magnificent for the attention given to the behavior changes needed to stem the rising tide of the pandemic of corona virus infections and deaths.

As a retired public health educator I know that it takes 3 things to change behaviors: knowledge alone which rarely works, attitudes shifting and then finally modeling from those who take steps to change daily habits. I saw people of all colors in their own languages with visuals from their own homes and neighborhoods globally show gratitude in song for front-line workers who risk their risk of contagion to save others. Songs like ‘Memory’ from Cats by Jennifer Hudson and ‘What a Wonderful World’ and ‘Change is Gonna Come’ and ‘Stand by Me’ and ‘Higher Love’ all took on new meaning as these young performers gave their interpretations. Do google this and watch you certainly have the time while the world shelters in place!

4 responses to “ONE PLANET We know that now for Sure!”

  1. Jordan D Gray

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this important topic, Pat. I appreciate your experience and wisdom regarding the behaviors needed to make change possible. You are a wonderful role model. Thank you.

  2. Dr Patti Britton

    Yes. this was so heartening and life changing. One World together it is now. xo

  3. Sue

    Right on

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