Make a DONE List

Those of you who may be experiencing Zoom fatigue from wanting to sort all your back photos or cleaning closets while sequestering and you have all day long with nothing to do. You might like to try this version of what is to be done. MAKE A DONE LIST of things that you might’ve like to do while you have time to waste. Picture those tasks already done, and re-prioritize them with the least essential first. Get those coloring book apps out. Find your colored markers and have a ball. Watch something silly and free Netflix. Or pay less than it would cost to go to a movie theatre and re-watch some of your favorite kids shows. Check out how old your favorite actors or singers look now: Cat Stevens at 71 singing Morning Has Broken or Willie Nelson still performing at 87 and let the music wash over you without multi-tasking and sending e-mails at the same time. Deposit that federal assistance check and instead of saving it buy something foolish. And by all means hide your cellphone if need be, and let go ENJOY a new done day.

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