Another Great Tribute to DADS

Get this great documentary “Dads. ” A celebration of fatherhood and the changing role of men, it’s directed by Bryce Dallas Howard, and costars her father, actor-director Ron Howard, plus at least a dozen other famous showbiz dads, including Will Smith, Hasan Minhaj, Patton Oswalt, and seemingly every major American late night TV host. The celebrity dads hold forth on what it’s like to deal with a crying kid or clean up poop or worry about their kids’ health and safety as they grow older. A lot of this is figuratively and literally standup material, with the interview subjects framed head-to-toe in front of bright, primary-colored backdrops, and keeping things as light as possible. Their stories are heartwarming. II’s not too late a day after Father’s Day. We need to thank our dads for the good they’ve done and forgive the bad by learning from their mistakes. My sons below are great DADS as is Grandpa Larry.

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