Safe Sex During a Pandemic

Reach Out and Touch Yourself

This was first published in 1988 during the peak of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and edited slightly has great implications for those sequestering today due to the co-vid pandemic. Back then I wanted to capture the essence of telephone sex orgasms. Orgasms by air. Visions of clitoral plums dancing in one’s head. Take your hand in your distant partners hand and delight yourself in whatever way pleases you both best.

In my first fantasy, my distant business acquaintance called me from a hotel room where he was resting after a long day of sales/networking. His suggestion was that we talk/act out an airplane scene, where he and I meet scrunched side by side in coach seats on a redeye flight from Los Angeles to New York.

I am wearing the suit with the short skirt, pink hose and high heels, pink linen tight fitting blouse and madras jacket that he first saw me in, he a loosened tie and tweed sports coat. Drinks and dinner served, lights turned down, stewardi safely in the back of the plane reading novels awaiting the end of the six hour flight, we are not the least bit sleepy as were the other passengers. He and I move from light conversation to giggling about double entendres about Flying United and Useless Air and Continental Condoms. His hand brushes my knee and rests gently on my upper thigh as we continue to space light conversation with long pauses, looks over our shoulders at the sleeping passengers, each of us beginning to breathe more deeply, noticeably swallowing our excitement, signifying that thoughts electric are dancing in our heads and working their way to our in-the-moment senses.

My fantasy partner proceeds very gently to stroke my thighs, separating them ever so slightly as we talk. We are now facing each other, the soft gray airlines blanket covering his welcomed wandering hands. I am whispering sweet sentiments to him about the large, round, hard erection appearing beneath his appropriately faded Calvin Klein denims.

As they continue talking our couple starts fantasizing about making love in earnest. My partner’s description of exactly where his eyes, hands, lips, and cock would be at each moment surpasses exquisite! (Where ARE lovers like this in real life?)

Taking an hour and forty five minutes (just think of phone company long distance profits should talk sex catch on) .as both he and I titillate each other and ourselves with this story, we are stroking ourselves, building up vicarious vasocongestion as our mythical couple reaches near-orgasm on the airplane. In delicious detail, words reach out and touch us over the airwaves describing the sensations that build up and flow as the couple we take turns describing ever so quietly comes to orgasm while 310 passengers on a Boeing 727 slept their way from West to East.
That night I came quickly, my mind in the sky somewhere between Iowa and Chicago, my hand on my own clitoris under my own down comforter. Mr. Reach Out and Touch Someone, thanked me for taking the risk and having such a good imagination. (I hadn’t known I had one). I was not ever much one for fantasy in my own masturbatory excursions. Focusing on the exact sensations of the moment kept me turned on more than inventing some unbelievable story). That was then but this is now. Stay safe but still connected, as Einstein said Imagination is more important than knowledge.

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