Masks … Very Important Now & Long Ago

I wrote an article in 1994 when I was a Health and Human Sexuality professor at a CA state college. It is still relevant today 26 years later. We have all learned to use a variety of disguises to keep who we are from being discovered by our friends, our lovers, and even ourselves. One of the most mysterious aspect of our lives is sexuality. Today more than ever before in the post sexual harassment era of #metoo few of us are in touch with how this powerful force is used for purposes other than direct honest connection with others.

Back then I described the performance mask, the party mask, the ‘yes’ means ‘no’ while giving in mask, the ‘women are in it for romance; men are in it for lust mask, the ‘I have a headache’ mask for not wanting sex mask, and on breaking up the ‘we can still be friends mask.

All of these create us as victims. Now it is more important than ever before, with the negative role model we have in The White House, we must learn how to notice, take responsibility for our actions and model better choices for future generations.


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