Nightmare: Stuck in the Ghetto

Last night I woke dreaming I had was in a never-ending ghetto. I had ridden a bicycle there and gone inside a bakery for a pastry and left the bike outside but it was gone when I returned. My sister Joan had parked her car in a lot and got it out to help me search for the bike and drive me home but neither of us could find the way. We kept going around blocks of half-torn out buildings that were dark and ominous never asking any of the raggedy people we saw for directions because we were afraid of them. I woke up to pee at 1:30 a.m. and did meditation mantras to get the dream out of my head but it kept returning. I was lost and could net get the images of blocks and blocks of dark brick buildings. I was going nowhere.

Now awake and rested a little my only interpretation was being caught in the nowhere of not being able to predict the results of the next presidential election. I had watched the debate between the suntanned liar that somehow the electoral college called a winner 4 years ago in spite of what would’ve been the first woman president getting the majority of the popular vote.
It is a nightmare that there are and still could be people stupid enough to not d=see through the lies and grandstanding Trump does. They say dreams are both unconscious wishes and fears working themselves out in images. Well this one was sure my worst fears.

Robert Kennedy once said ‘the purpose of life is to contribute to making things better. Well if this nightmare doesn’t go away I guess I have to stay in this nowhere land. The land of the free and the home ofc the brave. I hope so, because I have to stop the negative fantasies I have about ways to be rid of this embarrassing yet still powerful commander in chief. May I sleep better tonight.
PS I had this dream weeks ago before our embarrassing Commander in Chief admitted to testing positive for the corona virus was admitted to the hospital then left early against the wisdom of scientists. Egads wish me and us all sweeter dreams tonight.

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