Halloween at the D.C. Rally for Sanity/Fear! With my son!

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, and this one topped them all. My 27 year old son called to say he’d be at a conference at the Pentagon, and my wonderful now working HUSband gave me his United Mileage Plus miles, and whoosh! there I was staying with one of my best friends and her eleven year old twins, my surrogate grandkids, three miles from the Pentagon, and a short (so I thought) Metro-ride to D.C.  And to top it off the Stewart/Colbert Rally was the same week!

We had three lovely long dinners with my soldier  boy, and he & I agreed to try to meet at the rally. Needless to after two hours in a crushed Metro to get there (but everyone’s energy was so ‘up’), we only met by cell phone among the 400,000 people, but what a day!  I was soooo glad to be at this ‘happening,’ thrilled to see Sheryl Crow and the other rock stars from a distance, and totally loved this experience. Check out the slide show on my facebook page. Here’s a few of the great signs folks had, including my PUMPKIN PI sweatshirt!

As my ministers says: Life is Good … and we chime in: All the Time!

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