Snow White, me now? Why?

Nothing like friends from out of town coming over to get you to pick up and clean house! Since Larry went back to work, I’ve felt myself slipping back into what they used to call the ‘Cinderella Complex.’ The Disney movies were famous for indoctrinating women into cleaning up after men, in fact in Snow White did it for a dozen little dwarfs. Whistle while you work works … for a while.  Sometimes straightening things up, and wiping down dusty counters with a damp rag gives one a sense of accomplishment.

But rarely … I’d rather pay someone to do it. When Larry and I both had jobs we had a wonderful cleaning lady: Lucia who used to come with a friend. In two hours they’d clean my house from top to bottom in ways I never could. They used a pumice stone under the edge of the toilet seat, vacuumed all the pillows on the sofas, mopped all the floors, and on and on. I told some friends that coming home to a house someone else clean was almost as good a feeling as sex!

Well for now, til we climb fully out of the financial hole these two years Larry’s unemployment got us in, I guess I just learn to ‘whistle a happy tune!’ and that’s perfectly okay.

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