My favorite octogenarian RBG!

51SmNOMWKCL._SX384_BO1,204,203,200_-1May my favorite octogenarian and American icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg live long and prosper!
If you haven’t seen the Oscar nominated Amazon Prime and I-tunes documentary ‘RBG” get it immediately. I haven’t seen “On the Basis of Sex” still in theatres, but heard it was equally great.
Her ferocious campaign for equal rights for women began in the 1950’s when the USA’s major policy makers were all white men in suits. Her intelligence and tenacity voicing the need for equality rings clear. It is also a love story wherein her attorney husband supported her in many ways, and her children and grandchildren follow in her footsteps loudly and clearly. An opera loving workout queen, you’ll witness her personal trainer coaching her tiny strong 86 year old body through push-ups the majority of us could not even fathom doing. If you have a gift to give to your grandkids get ‘The RBG Coloring Book’ I’ve just ordered three.

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