Let’s Honor All Parents on Mother’s Day

“Oh the places your kids will take you …” It takes courage, patience an determination to welcome a child, a potential adult to this world. Yes those sweet early moments nurturing and nourishing that new human to life are precious, whether they are part of your gene pool, adopted or gifted to you for complicated reasons.

We should honor all who have reared children of any age on Mother’s and Father’s Days. We hope they will grow up to graduate and get a traditional education, or find meaningful work in places not too far away; but distance happens. Many like Peter Pan never do grow up. The best we can do sometimes is to let go, and pray with HOPE (holding only positive expectations) for them. Love passed on that way honors all generations, those grand and great grandparents who have gone before us whose memories we should not forget. It also honors with gratitude the hard work all parents are doing right now. Now, the present moment that the prophets encourage us to stay fully in, spelled backwards is Won. Let’s all win on these commemorative holidays.

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