Diversity in Custom Car Colors … All Shades Matter

I used to have a thing about red cars, because they are cop attractors. My travel agent has a memo when he books a rental for me ‘no red cars.’ I think it goes back to the short six months that as a 23-year old bleach blonde I owned a red Alfa Romea convertible sportscar and got three tickets in six months for going over the speed limit by less than 10 miles per hour.

My friend Patti just traded her leased red Fiat in for a bright orange one. When I asked her why she said “so I can find my car in a parking lot.” She lives in Los Angeles. My now 74 year old buddy since kindergarten just texted me a picture of his new Lexis that the dealer called ‘Cadmin Orange’ but it sure looked like a bright metallic red to me. The other day I pulled up to a Porsche SUV (if that isn’t an oxymoron) that was a bright turquoise!

Every day now I see new cars in a panoply of scintillating colors: greens, blues, and all shades of red from maroon to bright. I saw a 50’s truck repainted a very bright green. I must check the dealers and see what fabulous names there are for all these colors that have just started popping up in the last two years. I guess new car buyers get to pick from a fan of color sticks like you do at the manicurist. Daytona blue, apple green, chameleon, brandywine, aqua blue … the list goes on.

Perhaps the consuming public has begun to accept a wider range of diversity as it has in people. Now as social media tells us, all shades of brown and black matter; so vivala change and choices, may you be happy in yours. For my car I am still sticking with the silver gray of my small Audi wagon. This now white haired driver hasn’t been pulled over in a long long time.

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