Nominate yourself or someone for Happy Grandma Week

Ladies and Gentle-men, we had a really good 2nd Monday Invisible Grandparent meeting and I hope to see you again on August 12th.  

Our mother organization that has 135 support groups in 50 states and 22 countries and in the 7 years it has been in operation 219 reconciliation stories,

Here’s a message a friend sent me about Happy Grandma Week that affirms our lovingness ,,, regardless of your situation it affirms the great job you are doing we all need that appreciation sometimes.

FYI is writing a book on estrangement and would like short (2 -4 sentences) summaries of your ‘stories.’ Give it a try. He will not use names or identify anyone; if you’d like  to send it to me first for feedback e-me.

Oh and if you get HBO keep following BIG LITTLE LIES. The second season has Meryl Streep playing a grandma trying to get custody of her grandkids. Watch it if you can but it could make you uncomfortable.

So carry on and stay in touch ,,.

3 responses to “Nominate yourself or someone for Happy Grandma Week”

  1. Hope Hallmark

    Are there any support groups in Texas?

  2. Tamara

    Hi i live in Scotts Valley. Im a invisible grandma. Heartbreaking time. When is your next support group.

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