A Series I Still Hate to Love: THE RANCH

Last night I watched what was supposed to be the finale final episode of Ashton Kutcher’s adult redneck soap opera, but in spite of father Beau’s and son Colt saying I love you to each other directly, it turned quite dark. It had such cliff-hanger questions unanswered that I wonder if it’s really over. I am taking a film class on Western movies and this qualifies with its cattlemen battling corporate interests that want to take over long-standing ranch owners, and Colt encouraging his neighbors to stand up to those for-profit interests and not give in. While not wanting to be a spoiler, let me say that daddy Beau is in love and even married, but they give his lovely bride a frightening disease and Colt’s relationship with Abby is very troubled to the breaking point. Love shines through each of these stereotypically troubled male-female couplings, but I still agree with the song behind the opening credits: “Don’t let your children grow up to be cowboys.”

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  1. Patty

    I can’t see it ending. I was waiting on another season. So much more to work out.

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