Invisible/Alienated Grandparenting Affects Millions

This post got 2.3 million viewers yesterday to my Invisible Grandparent Facebook page, increasing my likes to 4,992 and followers to 5,155. I knew there were more of us out there and this proves it. I ache for us all and hope (hold only positive expectations) for reconciliation success stories to the many of you/us. Visualizing transcending pain works.

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  1. Pat Hanson

    To all who replied I am sorry I didn’t respond sooner … you need to know you are not alone with this kind of estrangement, go to to locate a support group in your area or start one of your own. The best book out is WHEN PARENTS HURT by Dr. Joshua Coleman who does a free q&A every Monday at 11:30 am PST and has a great newsletter to follow as well as some upcoming workshops available on line. Amanda founder of AGA recently published a book I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE .. I reviewed it on Amazon.

  2. Annette

    How can I be a member?

  3. Annette

    I am having trouble with your website.Can you help me

  4. Linda Schultz

    Any support groups for grandparents in Near Jacksonville, Florida?

  5. Judie Miljan

    So pleased I found your site.

    My husband and I have been invisible grandparents four years now…second time.

    We don’t know how to get past this. Can you offer suggestions? Thank you.

  6. Jan Yoas

    I would love to become a member of this group and read your blogs – I’m going thru this and really suffering from it as I also have a number of diseases. I raised my granddaughter till she was 6 then my daughter whisked her off to another state to move in with some man she met on FB who just got out of prison – I got to have 3 weeks each summer with her but as she’s gotten older she desperately wants to live with us – she is the red headed stepchild who bears the brunt of my daughter’s narcissistic rage and anger towards me. Bc she voiced she wanted to live with me – I am now completely 100% cut off and blocked. My daughter had 2 kids with this guy who are 3 mo and 19 mo and my Bree is 10 so she feels unwanted. I’ve tried everything.

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